I’ve been a donut lover for most of my life. (My physical appearance reinforces that fact.) There is nothing better than the experience of fried dough slipping over your tongue, tantalizing your taste buds. Yum! As I stepped outside my office in the evenings, the smell of donuts from a local shop bombarded my senses. Damn, it smelled good.

After months of experiencing that heavenly scent, I made the decision that it was time to learn more about those delicious rings of dough slathered with rich buttercream and other icings, covered with sprinkles, coconut and cereal, and decorated with all things tasty – I signed on to become a full-fledged donut maker.

I quickly realized that I liked making donuts, and that the real joy was in watching the customers who came into the donut shop. You see wide-eyed young kids longing for decorated rings of joy, as well as adults who instantly turn into kids as they savor fresh donuts and hot coffee.

Throughout the next twelve months, I studied and learned everything I could about donuts. Information gathered was logged into spreadsheets by the score. When I’d analyzed every small fact amassed, I asked my wife to join me at the computer, and there I laid out the dream of “The Donut Dude.” She listened, asked a couple of questions and, with a slight smile on her face, immediately agreed with the plan. The Donut Dude would become a reality.